Medieval Spartan Leather Bracelet


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Due to their hard lives, the term spartan has come to refer to more than just the warriors of Sparta, it means utilitarian and frugal. The Medieval Spartan Leather Bracelet refers to both, having an undecorated, armoured look. This handsome medieval bracelet is made from a broad leather band. Several shield shaped pieces of leather have been stitched onto the bracelet with leather cord, giving it an armoured appearance. Three sets of snap buttons are fixed to the ends of the bracelet, allowing the wearer to adjust it to fit their wrist comfortably. The perfect addition to any modern outfit or medieval cosplay, this rugged leather wristband will make a great gift for anyone you may know who enjoys leather goods or medieval fashion!

Key Features:

  • Features several shield shaped leather pieces
  • Snap buttons allow for adjustability
  • Perfect for modern apparel and medieval cosplay
  • An excellent Greek or Roman accessory


  • Made from leather


  • Length: 9 Inches
  • Width: 1.57 Inches


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