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Whether you are camping in a forest or on a fantasy quest, make sure that you have a lamp to light your way. Carry with you the Medieval Lantern. This black lantern has a square base with rectangular panels. Each panel consists of translucent animal horn. One panel serves as a door for lighting a candle inside the lantern. A candle does not come included. Above the four sides, there are small trefoil openings to ventilate the lantern. Also, there is a pyramid-shaped top that ends in a ring. This ring allows the lantern to hang up on a fixture of your choice to cast light where you need it. The Medieval Lantern makes a great addition to camping gear or a collection. Bring this medieval lantern to your next reenactment.

As this item is crafted by hand from natural materials, slight variations in color and detail may occur.

Key Features:

  • Rectangular design
  • Ring on top for hanging the lantern
  • Translucent panels
  • Great for camping or collections
  • Wonderful for reenactments


  • Made with real animal horn


  • Height: 7.75 Inches
  • Width: 3.5 Inches
  • Depth: 3.5 Inches

Measurements are approximate.

3 reviews for Medieval Lantern

  1. kglasgow5 (verified owner)

    A great product, the lantern is small, handheld, like I wanted it to be. One of my only complaints is that the light panels on the sides can shift around a bit.

  2. Adam Grote (verified owner)

    It is a solid camp lantern with no real frills, it does exactly what it is suppose to does given a good candle, the top will get very hot though, so I advise getting a good handle either made or purchased for it if you want to carry it around.

  3. silmerae (verified owner)

    What a great lantern! Simple, sturdy and classic. The ring is great for hanging or carrying, but be sure to use a handle or hook to carry, as it does get hot. A good quality votive candle is best, either beeswax or dripless, because cheaper candles melt and fill up the base of the lantern. This lantern does a great job blocking wind so your candles don’t extinguish and it looks great.

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