Medieval Gilded Leaf Crown


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Not all crowns are bejeweled wonders that sit atop the heads of haughty kings. Some crowns are less ornate, like this Medieval Gilded Leaf Crown, which combines attractive and regal gold with a simple arrangement of beautiful leaves. This impressive little accessory features a reflective gold-toned appearance that recreates the look of actual gold quite nicely, while featuring a circular shape with a subtle dip at the front of the crown. It is decorated with a number of spiral designs, as well as a number of leaves that seem to billow and tumble across the crowns surface like leaves in the wind. There is beauty to this crown, as well as a quite sort of authority, which makes this Medieval Gilded Leaf Crown the perfect match to any woodland princess or elf queen who prefers to adorn herself with the beauty of nature, rather than showy and opulent displays of regal wealth.

Key Features:

  • A Naturally Styled Prop Crown
  • Features a Reflective, Gold-Toned Appearance
  • Decorated with Elegant Spiral Patterns and Billowing Leaves
  • A Great Accessory for Any Woodland Princess or Elven Queen
  • Fantastic for Halloween, Costume Events, Stage Productions and More


  • Crafted from Fine Metal

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