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The flail is one of the most recognize medieval weapons, and this Medieval Costume Flail not only recreates its design, but it does so in perfect safety, making this flail work just like the original, while still remaining safe to carry and swing. The flail possesses a black plastic handle, attached to a series of plastic chain links, offering a wide range of movement, just like the real thing. The flail head is made entirely from soft satin plush, with silver accent spikes attached (which are also plush, for safety). The design of this Medieval Costume Flail ensures that you can swing it and heft it about just like a real warrior would have, and if you do hit someone, the plushy head will dampen the impact. All in all, it is a fun weapon to wield that any warrior look can benefit to have at their side!

Key Features:

  • A Quality Costume Weapon and Prop
  • Plastic Link Chain Offers Freedom of Movement
  • Silk Plush Head Ensures a Soft Hit on Impact
  • Light and Easy to Carry
  • A Perfect Childrens Toy
  • Also a Great Costume Accessory


  • Made from plastic and silk plush


  • Handle Length: 12 Inches
  • Overall Length: 33 Inches


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