Mary Queen Of Scots Quill Pen

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Before their decline in 1820, quill pens were the writing utensil of choice. Even a noted figure like Mary Stuart would have used them, which is why this Mary Queen of Scots Quill Pen bears her name. It includes information about this famous queen. The included insert features information about Mary Stuart, the Queen of the Scots, including a timeline that extends from her birth in 1542 through to her death, at her execution in 1587. The front of the included information card features a picture of Mary Stuart as well. This real feather quill comes complete with a biro nib for easy writing, and it measures approximately 12 inches long. It comes in a clear polythene bag and is virtually ready to write the moment you receive it.

Please note that the color of the Mary Queen of Scots Quill Pen will vary, as it comes in six different colors. You may receive a different color than what is pictured.

Key Features:

  • A Real Feather Quill Pen
  • A Fully Functional Pen
  • Features A Biro Nib
  • Includes a Colorful Information Card
  • A Great Gift Idea or Personal Writing Tool


  • Overall Length: 12 Inches


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