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Marvel Punisher Logo Magnet

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After his family is killed by the mob, Frank Castle becomes a vigilante, the Punisher, who takes on the criminal element of NYC. The Marvel Punisher Logo Magnet displays the iconic skull insignia used by the anti-hero. The stylized skull magnet ends with teeth that have been elongated like a comb. This licensed Marvel magnet makes a fantastic option for displaying your love of this dark hero on a refrigerator, locker, or other metal surface. The Punisher magnet comes in a chunky design that is wide enough to stand on its own. Fans of the Punisher are sure to appreciate the design of this comic book magnet, making it a great gift or collectible to bring home.

Key Features:

  • A licensed Marvel product
  • Features Punisher skull from comic books
  • Perfect for displaying on locker or fridge
  • Chunky magnet can stand on its own
  • Great gift or collectible for fans


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