Marvel Civil War Fleece Blanket

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Whose side are you on? Are you for or against the Superhuman Registration Act? Do you support Captain America or Iron Man? Whoever you back, this Marvel Civil War Fleece Blanket captures the dramatic battle between the two Avengers. Steve Rogers is against registration, while Tony Stark leads the pro-registration side. The vibrant image on this collectible throw displays Tony Stark in his Iron Man armour battling Steve Rogers, who is in full Captain America regalia. A flash of light shows as Iron Mans fist glances off the vibranium shield that Captain America wields. This Marvel Civil War Fleece Blanket is soft and warm, perfect for snuggling under when you watch your favorite heroes in action. This collectible throw makes a perfect gift for any fan of Marvel superheroes.

Key Features:

  • An officially licensed Marvel product
  • Depicts the Avengers in vibrant detail
  • Made from polyester fleece
  • Makes a fantastic gift or collectible


  • Length: 60 Inches
  • Width: 45 Inches


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