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Do not let the name fool you. This is no polo shirt, and its design has in fact been around for centuries longer than the glorified country-club tee. With the Marco Polo Shirt, you can explore the history of style in style. Based on the linen shirt likely worn by the famed merchant, this cotton reproduction has a modern twist or two, such as the buttons that close the shirt at the chest and throat. This shirt features a beautiful 1.5-inch wide, Italian-style embroidered trim around the collar and the placket on the chest. The Marco Polo Shirt comes in black, natural, and dark blue. It makes great historical attire for Renaissance fairs, and it even looks nice as casual, comfortable wear. Again, though, do not let the name fool you. While it makes great everyday wear, this shirt is not made for playing games in the pool.

Key Features:

  • Reproduces the same clothing design that was popular in the days of Marco Polo
  • Features beautiful folk-style trim around the collar and placket
  • Placket is held shut by four buttons
  • Great for Renaissance fairs or everyday wear


  • Made from cotton


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