Man at Arms Sergeants Halberd by Cold Steel

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Employing the style of 18th century halberds which were wielded by officers as symbols of their rank, the Man at Arms Sergeants Halberd by Cold Steel is a spectacular polearm designed for exceptional quickness and maneuverability in battle. Exemplifying the style of a halberd, this weapon features a slightly curved axe blade on its front with a devastatingly sharp spiked tip and a spur-shaped hook on its spine. These features allow effective thrusting, hooking, slicing, and chopping action, making it great for use against nearly any foe. A long, ash wood shaft is attached to this head, providing the reach necessary for combat against cavalry and extraordinary leverage to magnify its powerful strikes. Expand your weapon wielding abilities by training with the Man at Arms Sergeants Halberd by Cold Steel.

Key Features:

  • Emulates the style of a 18th century officers halberd
  • Blade has axe front, spiked tip, and spur-shaped hook
  • Long shaft provides phenomenal reach
  • An exceptionally high quality weapon
  • Functional weapon for combat and training


  • Blade is made of 1055 high carbon steel
  • Shaft is made of ash wood


  • Overall Length: 85.25 Inches
  • Head Height: 21.25 Inches
  • Handle Length: 64 Inches
  • Weight: 62.8 Ounces

1 review for Man at Arms Sergeants Halberd by Cold Steel

  1. mbaldassarre (verified owner)

    I really dig this weapon. Looks great on the wall, and would be very effective in combat. I stand by my four-star rating, as there are several pros and cons to discuss with this.:

    Length: With the shaft and head that I got, I needed to cut a few inches off of the tapered end to get a good fit. (There is a metal flange inside the mounting holes that interfers with the shaft.) So you MAY lose a little length. (~2-3″ max.) Not a big deal, but be aware, or you won’t get a good fit.

    Main cutting edge: It’s viscious. Really nice. And the whole weapon swings well, with good heft. So no worries here.

    Spear Point: As a thrusting weapon, the leading point is like a needle. As a slashing edge, it’s *good* but it’s noticeably not as sharp as the main edge.

    Rear Beak: the smaller, back point makes a great piercing weapon. On a full swing it would definitely punch a nice hole. It does have a cutting edge as well, but it’s a lot smaller and definitely not as sharp as the other edges.

    And just to be aware, this uses the 1″ shaft that Cold Steel usually uses with their SPEARS, (the Lance Point Spear, as an example that I also own.) It’s not the more stout, 1.25″ or 1.5″ shafts that they use with some of their other Pole Arms. It’s ASH. It’s still strong. But the Swiss Halberd and English Bill (as other examples I’ve purchased) mount to heavier shafts, if you have any concerns about strength.

    Overall though, I’m very happy with this purchase.

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