Lucy On A Cardinal Set


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Forest elves and fairies are quite similar in nature and only slightly different in appearance. This Lucy on a Cardinal Set might appear to be a fairy at first glance, but really, it is a tiny little wood elf that has befriended a bright red cardinal. And having befriended the cardinal, the bird is all too happy to act as a mount and companion to the elf. The elf wears a blue tunic with yellow leggings, while its little glossy wings extend out from its back, while the cardinal sits, easily perched and low, as if waiting for the signal from its rider to rise and take to the sky. The figurine is crafted entirely from high quality plastic that is one hundred percent phthalate and lead free, as well as having been hand painted to highlight its impressive details. It stands approximately 3.75 inches high and measures 4.5 inches wide. Included with the figurine is a hangtag that features a bit of fantasy information about wood elves and their habits, especially among their favored bird companions. Together this pair makes for an attractive little display item, as well as a great toy for a child to enjoy in their hours of play, making this Lucy on a Cardinal Set a great choice to give to collectors and enthusiasts of virtually any age.

Key Features:

  • A Set Depicting a Little Elf and her Cardinal Mount
  • Quality Sculpted and Hand Painted
  • Plastic Figures are 100% Phthalate and Lead Free
  • Modeled After a Colorful Fantasy Fairy Design
  • Includes a Fantasy Description
  • A Great Toy, Gift, or Collectible for All Ages


  • Height: 3.75 Inches
  • Width: 4.5 Inches


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