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Gandalf the Grey, also known as Gandalf Greyhame, was one of Middle Earths greatest defenders, as well as one of Tolkiens most popular characters. Many, no doubt, want to be him, and with this LOTR Adult Gandalf the Grey Costume, that wish can be granted. As his name implies, Gandalf the Grey is best known, perhaps, for his grey attire, and this costume does not disappoint in recreating a set of wizardly robes that suit this character down to the ground. The costume consists of a set of loose grey robes that are designed to invoke the image of a wizard in his voluminous attire. Included with the costume is a belt and a pouch, for securing the robes about the waist and adding a bit of carrying capacity to the costume, which makes it easier to carry around necessities when needed. And of course, no wizard is truly complete without a pointed hat, and so this costume includes the gray cap with a conical point, just to complete the image. The costume is available in one size, which fits up to a 42 inch chest. Please note that the costume is pictured above with shoes, a wig, and a faux beard, but that these items are not included. The look of a wizard is all but complete when you wear this LOTR Adult Gandalf the Grey Costume, although given how universal it looks as a wizard, you can wear it as a direct Lord of the Rings costume or you can use it when creating your own wizarding look for any other event.

Key Features:

  • A Quality Halloween Costume
  • A Licensed Costume from the Lord of the Rings movies
  • Modeled After Gandalf the Greys Appearance
  • Includes a Grey Robe, A Pointed Hat, a Belt, and a Pouch
  • Shoes, Wig, and Beard are Not Included
  • A Fantastic All-Purpose Wizard Costume
  • Great for Halloween, Costume Parties, and More


  • Made from polyester

Chest Circumference
Standard Up to 42 inches


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