Lord of the Rings Legolas Style Longbow

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Inspired by the bow used by Legolas in The Lord of the Rings movies, this bow is available in a variety of weights with a 28 inch draw. The bow is made from a single piece of Red Oak backed with linen and is solid black with no other painting on it, with the exception of the draw length and weight which is handwritten in silver on one of the tips. The handle is wrapped with golden cord which provides a comfortable grip. Our Lord of the Rings Legolas Style Bow does not have an arrow rest, but it is a shoot off the hand style bow. A bow stringer and instructions are included. The bow is permanently finished and requires no maintenance, other than regular care and proper storage. This bow is great for target practice, SCA events and Archery competitions, certain events and hunting laws may require specific draw lengths and draw weights, if you are purchasing the bow solely for that purpose, be sure to check what the requirements are first.

Brace height should not exceed 7 inches. It should be around 5.5 to 6 inches, and can be adjusted by twisting the string.

To take proper care of your bow, never store it outside. Store it in a cool, dry place. Never pull your bow back further than it is recommended, which is 28 inches for this bow. Never fire your bow without an arrow. Do not string your bow backwards. Do not leave your bow strung for long periods of time. Always store your bow unstrung.

Key Features:

  • Made out of Red Oak and backed with Linen for extra strength
  • Perfect bow for fans of Traditional Archery and LOTR!
  • Available in a variety of weights with a 28 inch draw
  • A great quality wood bow at a great price

How to Tell your Draw Length and Draw Weight:

Draw Length: Your Draw Length measurement is how far you draw the bow back before releasing it. To find your draw length stand and extend both arms out in front of you, measure from your chest to the end of your middle finger and subtract two inches. This will find your approximate draw length.

Draw Weight: This is how heavy in pounds you will be pulling the bow back at your specified draw length. If you choose 30# and have a draw length of 28 inches, when you pull the bow back to 28 inches you will be pulling 30#. Draw Weight is hard to determine if you are a beginner, 30# is good to start with and is great for target practice. Usually 40# and higher are recommended for Hunting.


  • Bow Length (Unstrung): 71.5 Inches


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