Locked Tree of Wisdom 6×8 Embossed Leather Journal

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In some mythologies, trees are symbolic of many things, strength and wisdom being chief qualities among them. This Locked Tree of Wisdom 6×8 Embossed Leather Journal borrows on a Celtic style to create a fine notebook for any enthusiast to carry and fill. Filled with high quality linen parchment paper, this journal evokes an older look and feel. That notion is further complemented by the reddish-brown leather cover that is embossed to show off a tree of wisdom, flanked by faces of the gods. And for your privacy and convenience, a swiveling lock is attached at the side of the book as well. Unique but empty, this Locked Tree of Wisdom 6×8 Embossed Leather Journal is the perfect gift to give to an artist or a writer, so that they can fill it and transform this tome into something truly priceless.

Key Features:

  • Features a handsomely embossed leather cover
  • Emblazoned with a Celtic tree flanked by faces
  • Has a handcrafted construction
  • Includes 120 pages of quality linen parchment paper
  • Features a swivel lock for keeping the journal closed


  • Length: 8 Inches
  • Width: 6 Inches

1 review for Locked Tree of Wisdom 6×8 Embossed Leather Journal

  1. drdavet (verified owner)

    My package cleared customs, less than 24 hours after placing my order. My Locked Tree of Wisdom 6 X 8 Leather Journal arrived well packed. This journal is absolutely gorgeous. It is handmade, of very high, superior quality. The embossed cover is genuine leather and is not rigid but is flexible, similar to a thick leather belt. I find that the leather cover is a perfect thickness. The parchment paper also appears to be handmade and is of very high quality, with lots of anomalies and interesting stuff going on within the parchment. This Parchment paper is thick, almost like canvas but soft and you can easily leaf through the journal. This is very high quality artistic parchment paper. Using a 1mm fountain pen, there is some bleedthrough to the other side. However, on the frontside, the ink does not bleed, feather or blot out. This parchment paper is really outstanding. The book binding is made of leather and also appears to be constructed by hand and is similar to what you would see in very old antique books. This journal is very well made and should last a lifetime.

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