Little Black Victorian Top Hat

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The Little Black Victorian Top Hat is a cute mini hat that is styled straight out of gothic fashion and brought direct to you, for any of your needs. Whether it is for a costume or a gothic, yet elegant dress, this little hat will work wonders. This miniature hat is fashioned after the fashionable Victorian-era top hats. This particular hat features a few additional embellishments that take the top hat away from Victorian style and closer to gothic. A satin rose embellishes the front of the hat, alongside a black spider tulle veil that hangs down over the brim of the hat. This gothic little veil adds a soft touch of mystery to this hat, as well as a good deal of appeal. The little hat also has an invisible elastic band that fits behind the ears and under the hair, to ensure that a proper fit. In short, the Little Black Victorian Top Hat is a cute mini hat with a big dose of style and appeal.

Key Features:

  • Luxurious Ultra-Suede Finish
  • Tulle Veil and Satin Rose Embellishments
  • Fits Correctly Via Invisible Elastic Band


  • Made from 100 percent polyester


  • Head Circumference: 22.5 Inches


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