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Limited Edition Lotus Wakizashi


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The wakizashi, or Japanese short sword, was worn with the longer katana. When the pair matched in theme, they were considered a Daisho. However, when the katana was surrendered upon entering a home, the wakizashi was not, making it truly the side-arm of the Samurai!

The fittings of the Limited Edition Lotus Wakizashi are hand-cut and shaped from pure iron, an extremely tough material that takes a deep black patina and needs minimal maintenance. Iron will bend under tremendous shock instead of break, a feature any samurai would appreciate. The Lotus design of the tsuba is in an older, simpler style – kyo sukashi, maru gata – that reflects the nature of the sword. The tsuka, or handle, and scabbard are hand carved to fit each individual sword, ensuring a proper fit. The handle wrap is of black natural silk from Japan. It is tightly wrapped around the full same-gawa, or ray skin wrap, with the proper hishigami, or paper triangles, present to ensure a long life of use. The saya is lacquered to a semi-gloss finish with buffalo horn mounts, or koiguchi, kurikata, and kojiri.

Extremely limited numbers will be produced – 20 only! Each blade is signed on the tang with the model and number and includes a stamped certificate of authenticity.

Key Features:

  • Hand-forged from 1075 high carbon steel
  • Limited Edition – only 20 produced!
  • Features lotus themed decorations
  • Hand-carved pure iron fittings
  • Handle wrap is silk
  • Includes saya with semi-gloss finish
  • Samegawa is genuine ray skin
  • Pairs well with the Lotus Citadel Katana (SC4002)
  • A functional sword made for cutting practice


  • Overall Length: 29.5 Inches
  • Blade Length: 21.25 Inches
  • Weight: 1 lb. 9 oz.
  • Specs may vary from piece to piece.


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