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This Limited Edition CSS Virginia Model Ship is a scale-replica of the CSS Virginia. This model is hand-crafted, featuring museum-level quality and detailing that render this item a true work of art. The CSS Virginia was nothing short of breathtaking in its day, and this model recreates that feeling with incredible details such as a planked deck, metal anchors, brass cannons, cloth flags, a rotating propeller and moving rudder, and a meticulously accurate coloration. This ship makes a fine addition to any home decor with its gorgeous design and fascinating history.

Simple assembly is required once you receive your model of the CSS Virginia. Take the smoke stack and twist it in to the predrilled hole on the top center of the model. Next, take both lifeboats and set them on davits which hold them in place on each side. The metal chains can then be attached at the top of the smokestack. Once this is done, you can insert the anchors into the predrilled holes toward the bow of the ship. Finally, take both flags and insert them into the two predrilled holes on either side of the smokestack.

Key Features

  • Museum Quality Handcrafted Ship
  • Built From High Quality Materials
  • Rests On A Wooden Base
  • Built using Historical Resources

A Brief History of the CSS Virginia

In 1861, Virginia authorities took over the Norfolk Navy Yard after its evacuation by Federal forces and found the hulk of the steam frigate USS Merrimack. The Confederates raised, dry-docked, and converted her into a casemate ironclad ram, a new warship type that promised to overcome the superiority of the Union in conventional warships. Placed in commission as CSS Virginia in 1862, her iron armor made her virtually invulnerable to contemporary gunfire. She carried ten guns of her own, a seven-inch pivot-mounted rifle at each end and a broadside battery of two six-inch rifles and six nine-inch smoothbores. Affixed to her bow was an iron ram, allowing the ship herself to be employed as a deadly weapon.

Virginia made her first combat sortie in 1862. Demonstrating the superiority of armored steam-powered warships over their wooden counterparts, she rammed and sank the Cumberland and shelled the Congress into submission.

When Virginia returned to attack the grounded steam frigate Minnesota, she found the pioneer ironclad of the Union, USS Monitor, waiting. A second historic battle ensued with the two opponents firing away until a tactical draw. Over the next two months, the two ironclads kept each other in check. As the Confederates abandoned their positions in the Norfolk area, Virginia was threatened with the loss of her base. After a futile effort to lighten the ship enough to allow her to move up the James River, she was destroyed by her crew off Craney Island.


  • Overall Length: 34 Inches
  • Overall Width: 7 Inches
  • Overall Height: 9 Inches
  • Overall Scale: 1:96


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