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A true Renaissance man, Leonardo da Vinci is credited with early conceptualizations of inventions like the parachute, helicopter, and tank. The Leonardo Inventions Shoulder Underbust Corset displays a print inspired by his drawings. The muted brown and tan designs display script along with the images, offering vintage flair to the steampunk corset. This high quality underbust corset is crafted with flat and spiral steel boning to conform to the most dramatic curves. For example, there is flat boning in the front and back while the spiral boning hugs the sides. The design gives more comfort to the wearer and decreases wear and tear on the corset itself. The steel boned corset features thin shoulder straps to help provide additional support, and a busk fastens the front. When you want incredible steampunk style, give this unique Leonardo Inventions corset a try! Please note that each corset is unique since it has been cut from a large pattern.

Key Features:

  • Design includes flat and spiral steel boning
  • Displays a vintage print based on da Vincis drawings
  • Fastens in the front with a busk
  • Shoulder straps provide added comfort and support
  • Ideal for creating dramatic curves


  • Size 18: Fits a 20 to 22 Inch natural waist
  • Size 20: Fits a 22 to 24 Inch natural waist
  • Size 22: Fits a 24 to 26 Inch natural waist
  • Size 24: Fits a 26 to 28 Inch natural waist
  • Size 26: Fits a 28 to 30 Inch natural waist
  • Size 28: Fits a 30 to 32 Inch natural waist
  • Size 30: Fits a 32 to 34 Inch natural waist
  • Size 32: Fits a 34 to 36 Inch natural waist
  • Size 34: Fits a 36 to 38 Inch natural waist
  • Size 36: Fits a 38 to 40 Inch natural waist
  • Size 38: Fits a 40 to 42 Inch natural waist

Measurements are approximate. Subtract 2-4 inches from your natural waist to find your corset size. Measure your waist at the smallest part.


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