Leonardo Inventions Layered Bustle Skirt


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A great way to add Victorian style to an outfit, the Leonardo Inventions Layered Bustle Skirt exemplifies the eclectic nature of steampunk fashion. The white drawings are eye-catching, and solid black trim runs along each layer. A true Renaissance man, Leonardo da Vinci is credited with early conceptualizations of inventions like the parachute, helicopter, and tank. The print on this black steampunk skirt is inspired by the drawings he left behind. Three layers cascade down the back of the piece, giving a ruffled appearance to the waterfall bustle skirt. Lacing in the back adjusts the fit. Two ribbons allow you to adjust the length in the front, creating a ruched effect. The dark hues ensure that this striped skirt goes well with gothic attire, while its design seems ideally suited to steampunk apparel, as well. This high-low skirt can be worn on its own or over another skirt for a fun period look.

Key Features:

  • Displays vintage drawings pattern
  • Two ribbons allow adjustment of front length
  • Several layers cascade down the back
  • Black fabric trims each layer
  • Goes great with gothic and steampunk styles


  • Made of 100% Cotton

Waist Overall Length Hips
Small (US Size 6) 25.5 inches 42 inches 36 inches
Small/Medium (US Size 8) 26.5 inches 42 inches 37 inches
Medium (US Size 10) 28 inches 43 inches 38.5 inches
Medium/Large (US Size 12) 31 inches 43.5 inches 39.5 inches
Large (US Size 14) 32 inches 43.5 inches 41.5 inches
Large/X-Large (US Size 16) 33.5 inches 44 inches 45 inches
X-Large (US Size 18) 35.5 inches 44 inches 47 inches
X-Large/XX-Large (US Size 20) 36.5 inches 44.5 inches 49 inches
XX-Large (US Size 22) 40 inches 45 inches 52.5 inches


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