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Leather Wire Hilt Rapier

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Predecessor to modern fencing weapons as we know them, the Rapier is very nearly the progenitor of a line of swords that emphasize precision, agility, technique, and a counter-and-thrust style that has eventually become the modern sport of fencing. Fairly typical for its make, this swept-hilt rapier possesses all the hallmarks of the highly stylized hilts that became fairly popular and for good reasons. In addition to reasons of style and dramatic flair and personal taste, these ornate guards fulfilled a specific purpose – defense of the hand. The guard of this rapier forms a sort of cage of quillons about the ricasso of the blade, ensuring that when gripped properly, with the thumb and index finger forward, these appendages are properly protected. Three other quillons sweep downward, to provide marginal protection to the rest of the hand, should a strike be directed lower. The grip of this rapier is leather, with steel-wire wrapped around it for comfort and grip, while the pommel is simple and effective. Anyone looking to learn something farther from modern fencing and closer to medieval dueling would be well-served by a good rapier like this one.

Key Features:

  • Includes Leather Wrapped Scabbard
  • Stainless Steel Blade
  • Leather Grip Wrapped With Steel Wire


  • Overall Length: 44 Inches

1 review for Leather Wire Hilt Rapier

  1. Fox K.

    Good solid product so far upon inspection. It has a GREAT appearance and is quite a large rapier

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