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Leather Tassets for Antonius and Mantikor

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No combatant is a stranger to injury. Wise warrior that you are, you adorn yourself accordingly. A cuirass covers the core, but nothing guards the thighs. Complete your armour set with the Leather Tassets for Antonius and Mantikor. Constructed from excellent quality leather, this upper thigh armour provides protection for light combat. This pair of tassets attaches perfectly to either the Antonius or Mantikor Leather Cuirass. The embossed patterns lining the tassets match well with the stylish body armour. Fight bravely, avoid unwanted injury, and do so in style, with these fine leather tassets.

Please note that this is a natural product, so minor variations in color and texture may exist.

When purchasing armour pieces, in order for the pieces to be compatible, it is best to stay within the brand.

Key Features:

  • Attaches to front of Antonius and Mantikor Armour
  • Distinctive embossed patterns line the edges
  • Designed for LARP and light practice
  • Sold in pairs


  • Crafted from 7-8 oz. upper leather


  • Length: NA Inches
  • Width: NA Inches

Measurements are approximate.


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