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Leather Sword Hanger

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This sword hanger is hand crafted from the finest quality leather. Made of sturdy 7/8 oz. black leather, this frog has three different size adjustments to perfectly fit your sword. The sword hanger is adjustable by chicago screws. The leather sword hanger hangs on your left side for a right hand draw.

Key Features:

  • Made from Top Quality Leather
  • Can accommodate most swords
  • Right Handed Draw

2 reviews for Leather Sword Hanger

  1. Alford M.

    Item was just as described and would fit just about any sword.

  2. Stig R.

    This is supposed to be an adjustable hanger, but it isn’t tight enough to hold a sheath. I modified it for a rapier. I punch holes and put screws in the leather straps. That made it small enough to hold a slender sheath.

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