Leather Baldric Plate Piece

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If you are looking to build your own baldric, than this is Leather Baldric Plate Piece is one of two items that will really interest you. Crafted entirely in fine black leather, this piece is a versatile touch that serves as the mount for your baldric. Pair this V-shaped leather accent with the Leather Baldric Belt (LP0410) and the D-rings on the top allow it to form a full baldric that wraps around your shoulders. Add in that the four sets of grommets on this plate allow it to be fitted with sword tubes or a quiver, and your baldric suddenly can become just what you want it to be. Carry your arrows? Keep a sword at your side, two swords at your side? Easy with a baldric made with this Leather Baldric Plate Piece!

Key Features:

  • One of two pieces for making a custom baldric
  • Fitted with two D-rings to link with a baldric belt
  • Most compatible with LP0410 (Leather Baldric Belt)
  • Features several rows of open grommets
  • Can be tied to a variety of different mounts
  • Compatible with LP0404 (quiver) and LP0408 (swordtube)


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