Layered Knee Length Gothic Skirt

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Not all gothic clothing is hard-edged, new age style. Sometimes, something new is infused into classic style. This Layered Knee Length Gothic Skirt is a case of the latter, making it a bit more subdued, but no less appealing. The skirt is made from a layering of net-like fabrics, creating a successive design that adds flare and movement to the skirts overall shaping and form. The layers cascade down from the waist, adding subtle touches of shaping to the skirt as well. The skirt is offered in several colors. Shown above is one variant, which demonstrates how the color shows up in the garment, in a repeating, banded pattern that is sure to draw the eye. The skirt is also offered in one standard size, although it does feature an elasticated waist, for some measure of adjustment in its sizing. Sometimes, classic beauty trumps new-age exoticism and flare, and this is one of those cases, as this Layered Knee Length Gothic Skirt can easily build a lovely and classic look that any girl could get into and enjoy.

Key Features:

  • A Skirt Made from Fine Fabrics
  • Features a Layered Design
  • Has an Elasticated Waistband
  • Extremely Comfortable to Wear
  • Great for Casual, Everyday Wear and Formal Occasions


  • Standard: Fits up to a Womens Size of 12


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