Last Rites Foam Prosthetic


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With its emaciated features, there is no questioning that this Last Rites Foam Prosthetic is quite corpse-like in its appearance. When you wear it, you will be quite corpse-like, too, as the prosthetic molds to your face and moves when you do. This prosthetic is made entirely out of foam latex and is designed to be applied with spirit gum. The prosthetic comes unpainted, which allows a level of artistic freedom, giving the wearer the ability to choose how to color and style this prosthetic, giving it the versatility to be a vampire, a zombie, a corpse, or anything else. Once worn, this prosthetic alters the appearance of the wearer, masking their features behind a sunken and emaciated visage that features a wrinkled nose, as well as sunken cheeks and eye-sockets that only enhance the deathly appearance. Please note that this latex prosthetic does not include spirit gum, paint, or makeup, although spirit gum and makeup are available for separate purchase on this site. This Last Rites Foam Prosthetic has many good uses, making a fantastic addition to a wide assortment of different costumes, ranging from truly vampiric looks to zombified styles.


  • Remove excess flashing from around edges of prosthetic, if necessary
  • Check prosthetic against wearers face, ensuring eyes and mouth line up
  • If not, trim within at least 0.25 inch beyond the eye or mouth
  • Adhere the prosthetic with spirit gum
  • It is helpful to adhere one area at the time, in the following order. Nose, around the eyes, forehead, temples, upper lip, lower chip and chin, cheek area, and finally the jawline.

This item cannot be returned or exchanged.

Key Features:

  • Made Entirely of Foam Latex
  • Comes Unpainted
  • Moves and Shifts As Your Face Does
  • Allows for the Creation of Dozens of Different Undead Visages
  • Looks Great with Zombie Costumes, Vampiric Looks, and Ghoulish Guises
  • Fantastic for Halloween, Zombie Walks, Costume Parties, Stage Productions, and More


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