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LARP Hand and a Half Stark Sword


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Training with wooden swords is very practical, but when facing a real threat, survival is less than assured without a sturdy steel blade. But to be able to hold to this weapon, one needs to have gone through the adulthood rite of passage. After the series of trials, that are kept secret until I am facing them, I will officially be considered an adult. This means I will receive, like every man and woman of my clan, a sword. I will then be able to take part in the battles they fight, and help them defend what is ours.

Inspired by the sword of Robb Stark, the LARP Hand and a Half Stark Sword is an incredible weapon for any LARP warrior who seeks a superbly versatile weapon with which to conquer their foes in their next battle. To achieve a look of supreme realism, this bastard sword features a steel colored pommel and guard, as well as a magnificent radiant silver blade. In striking contrast to these metallic appearing features, the grip is black and features a ribbed design. This sword is suitable for use with either one or two hands, providing exceptional utility within battle. Its medieval styling makes it a perfect option for knights or heroes who are based in fantasy. Impress your friends and intimidate your enemies with the glorious power of the LARP Hand and a Half Stark Sword.

The LARP Hand and a Half Stark Sword is tested and balanced for combat, as well as being made to high specifications. This bastard sword is not your typical ultra-light foam-latex weapon, but rather, is made using a special injection-mold process that provides immense strength and durability, as well as amazing levels of detail. It is crafted using Calimacils ultra-durable foam, while also featuring a flexible fiberglass core that provides a level of durability that is hard to deny. The quality level of construction this LARP sword possesses allows it to provide a virtually maintenance-free experience, while also ensuring that it performs well in every season, whether you are gaming in the spring, the summer, the fall, the winter, the rain, the snow, the sun, and beyond. Performance and appearance come together in this LARP hammer to provide an experience that cannot be beaten!

Key Features:

  • Approved for LARP Use
  • Ideal for Use in LARP Events, Theatrical Plays, or as Training Weapons
  • Features Superior Durability
  • Ensures Extremely Safe Play
  • Offers Spectacular Realism and Detailing
  • Reliable at All Temperatures
  • Weather Resistant to Sun, Rain, and Snow
  • Latex Free (Has No Allergen Components)
  • Virtually Maintenance Free


  • Overall Length: 40.6 Inches
  • Blade Length: 31.9 Inches
  • Guard Width: 7.5 Inches
  • Blade Thickness: 1 Inch
  • Hilt Length: 9.4 Inches
  • Grip Length: 5.5 Inches
  • Weight: 0.95 lb.
  • Core: Fiberglass
  • Material: Calimacil Foam


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