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Large Rams Head Crossbow


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The ram is an animal often associated with sieging a castle. The Large Rams Head Crossbow honors that legacy with this fantastic decorative replica. This wood and metal crossbow features an intricately carved rams head between the rear sight and the nut that holds the string in place before firing. Beautiful circular engraving adorns the side of the wooden base towards the back. More scrolled engraved decorates the front of the base near the bolt plate. This bow also has a front sight and historically based stirrup. It is functional and uses a pulling mechanism to fire an included bolt. Although this is a functional weapon, it is not meant for hunting or target shooting. It is advised to exercise caution when used and not intended to fire at other beings. Made in Italy, it makes a great gift for a weapons or history enthusiast or a wonderful decor item.

While the parts of this crossbow are functional, it is not intended to be fired. This crossbow is intended for decorative use.

Stock is made of natural materials. Wood grain appearance will vary slightly.

Key Features:

  • Carved rams head detail
  • Includes a bolt
  • Functionally fires, not meant for hunting or shooting at people
  • Front and back sight design
  • Great for home decor or as a gift


  • Made of wood


  • Length: 39 Inches

Measurements are approximate.


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