Landsknecht Katzbalger Dagger


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Based on the arming sword of the legendary Landsknecht, who served in most of the conflicts in early Modern Europe, this Landsknecht Katzbalger Dagger echoes the look of its bigger cousin, and possesses all of its considerable functionality, too. Like the original katzbalger sword, this smaller dagger possesses iconic features, including a wood grip and a figure-eight guard, which provides stable defense in this hardy weapon. The recreations steel blade is hand crafted from EN45 carbon spring steel, with straight, unsharpened edges, while also featuring four fullers (two short and two long) down its blade, to help keep it light in weight. The blackened steel guard has a twisted design and is hand forged, for added strength and durability. The grip is wood, which helps to provide a solid and comfortable hold when the weapon is wielded. It has full tang construction, and is designed as a light combat and sporting dagger, one that is perfect for use as a training weapon or stage combat piece. It pairs exceptionally well with a real Katzbalger, echoing its look perfectly, and at the side of any German mercenary, this Landsknecht Katzbalger Dagger certainly helps to complete the look of a mercenary from the late Medieval Ages.

Key Features:

  • A Miniaturized Recreation of the Famous Katzbalger Sword
  • Blade Possesses Unsharpened Edges
  • Designed as a Light Combat and Sporting Dagger
  • A Fantastic Costume Dagger, Carrying Weapon and Display Piece


  • Features a Hand Crafted High Carbon Steel Blade
  • Has a Forged Iron Figure Eight Guard and A Wood Handle


  • Overall Length: 16.75 Inches
  • Blade Length: 11.4 Inches
  • Weight: 1 Pound 5.9 Ounces


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