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Laced Leather LARP Sword Belt

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If you wish to enhance the aesthetics of your medieval or fantasy LARP outfit, a distinctive stitched pattern on your leather sword belt will do the job. The Laced Leather LARP Sword Belt is the perfect accessory to add such a flair. Made from high-quality leather, this incredible sword belt possesses a raised, stitched pattern along the center of its length. This stitched line adds a wonderfully textured look to the double-wrap belt that enhances its appeal. The belt is secured around your waist by two buckles, allowing you to adjust it to fit you comfortably. A metal ring that is fastened to the side of the belt via hooks serves as a frog for your LARP sword, enabling you to carry your weapon with you wherever you go. The belt is available in black, brown, red, and green, meaning you can wear it with any costume. Add this beautiful leather accessory to your LARP gear or use it to fill out your medieval or fantasy cosplay!

Key Features:

  • Features raised stitch pattern
  • Slightly adjustable via buckles
  • Offered in multiple sizes and colors
  • Comfortable to wear during LARP events and for cosplay


  • Made from leather
  • Made with metal fittings


  • Small/Medium: Waist – 36.5 – 45 Inches, Width – 1 Inch
  • Large/X-Large: Waist – 40.25 – 48.5 Inches, Width – 1 Inch


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