Kraken Single Stud Earring

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From the darkest depths of the sea does a tentacle rise to wrap your ear in an overwhelmingly powerful grip. Indeed, this Kraken Single Stud Earring creates a powerful statement that is sure to have an intriguing new effect on your sense of style! If ever there was a perfect earring for a pirate, then you can bet that this one would be it! This striking accessory is a wrap-around style earring that can be worn over one ear. When worn, it creates the look of a wriggling tentacle as it curls its way about your ear, making it look like you have suffered an attack from the legendary Kraken! The tentacle is impressively detailed, featuring several rows of detailed suckers on the underside, while the tentacle itself twists about the ear, piercing through the lower lobe and wrapping around the upper in a simulated death grip that will never let up (until, of course, you release the ear stud). This earring is crafted from fine English pewter and features an impressive level of detail. It is sold as a single wrap-around ear stud and is compatible with only one ear. Adorn yourself with this Kraken Single Stud Earring when you want to add a touch of Davy Jones’ own style to your attire, whether you are all done up in pirate duds or dressed down in something that is both comfortable and casual.

This item cannot be returned or exchanged once removed from its original packing.

Key Features:

  • Made from Quality English Pewter
  • Features a Rich Gothic Style
  • Shaped Like a Twisting Tentacle
  • Designed to Wrap Up and Around the Ear Lobe
  • Sold as a Single Ear Stud
  • Great for Formal or Casual Wear
  • A Fantastic Personal Accent or Gift Idea


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