Knightly LARP Helmet

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Trusted by the courts, you take both your castle patrols and errant quests quite seriously. The Knightly LARP Helmet suits all kinds of medieval warrior characters, from soldiers and noble captains of the guard to crafty mercenaries.

Made of polyurethane, this medieval knights helmet is great for costuming use. Much easier to wear than steel, it has the advantage when it comes to long days requiring the look of armour but not the protection.

Similar to a medieval sallet helmet but with an open front, this round medieval helmet has a subtle central ridge. The square face opening means great visibility on the battlefield. Heightening its realistic design, the edges of the helmet are rolled. The helmet curves down and flares slightly outwards to cover the ears and back of the neck.

A durable acrylic finish gives a realistic metallic sheen to the historical LARP helmet. A brushed steel tone throughout looks just like antiqued metal. Next, a darker grey finish with round rivet-like details accents the bottom edge of the helmets side and back. An adjustable leather chin strap helps secure it in place on your head.

Easier than Steel:

Lightweight and thin, this historical medieval helmet design is perfectly suited to LARP events with light or no combat. It can be worn for much longer than steel. It will not rust, nor will it need to be maintained with oil. The thinner construction makes it much easier to wear on hotter days and settings when the protection of steel is simply not necessary.

While this helmet is lightweight and easy to wear, you can add extra detail to an armoured look by wearing one of our arming caps underneath. It also pairs well with our Knightly Bracers (MCI-3833).

Easy to wear yet realistic in its style, the Knightly LARP Helmet is perfect for all kinds of quests without combat. It is a great option for theatrical performances on stage and movie productions. This medieval costume helmet is ready to give you a well-armoured look without the weight of steel for your next Ren faire or cosplay event.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight and easy to wear
  • Hand painted for a realistic steel appearance
  • Secures with adjustable leather chin strap
  • Great for knights, Crusaders, mercenaries, and medieval soldiers
  • Perfect for cosplay, LARP, and other costuming occasions


  • Made from polyurethane with a leather chin strap

Care Instructions:

  • Use leather-care products for the fittings.
Inner CircumferenceOverall HeightDepthWidthWeight
One Size23.6 inches9.1 inches9.1 inches7.5 inches1.1 pounds


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