Knight of the Red Lion Men’s Costume

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In heraldry, animals were typically chosen for their ferocity and their strength, and few were as regal and strong as the lion. And when you wear this Knight of the Red Lion Mens Costume, you will proudly show your strength and style as a warrior. Wearing this costume, you will have the proud look of a medieval knight, dressed in his finest mesh and mail tunic, giving the look of both armored readiness and a stylish look. The costume consists of polyester pants, a faux leather belt, and a tunic that is made of mesh fabric to simulate the appearance of chainmail, while the sleeves are an even finer mesh, creating the illusion of wearing an armored tunic. Featured clearly on the costumes chest is a red heraldic lion, which acts as a contrast to the tunics dark color as well as an impressive medieval-styled decoration. Please note that the costume is pictured above with additional accessories, such as the prop sword, which are not included with the costume, although they can be purchased separately. The costume comes in one standard size, which fits up to a 42 inch chest. If you are looking for a great yet simple costume that will give you all the knightly style you desire, than this Knight of the Red Lion Mens Costume is the one you are looking for, as it is uncomplicated in design and yet still rich in medieval style.

Key Features:

  • A Quality Halloween Costume
  • Chainmail Inspired Tunic Hosts a Heraldic Red Lion Emblem
  • Includes Tunic, Belt, and Pants
  • A Simple and Impressive Costume for Any Medieval Knight to Wear
  • Great for Halloween, Renaissance Fairs, Costume Parties, Themed Events, and More


  • Tunic and Pants Made from 100 percent Polyester Fabric
  • Belt Made from Faux Leather Material


  • Standard: Fits Up To A 42 Inch Chest


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