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What are some features that make a crown really stand out? Gold and silver, adorned with precious jewels, can go a long way, but this crown has something that most do not – the luxury of fur, found on the rim of this Kings Crown with Faux Fur. This impressive looking crown is made entirely from brass and plated in either gold or silver (your choice). It is further adorned with rich, colorful looking faux gems and jewels all around its circumference, as well as translucent faux crystals along the upper tiers. Fleur de lis adorn the crown as well, furthering its royal look and style all the more. The piece de resistance, though, comes in the form of the pale white faux fur trim that wraps around the crowns base, making this crown look all the more like piece from the royal collection. The crowns are offered in one size, but being made of metal, they can be gently adjusted by bending to make them fit with more comfort and ease. There is no denying that sometimes, you just want to feel like a king or a queen, and with this Kings Crown with Faux Fur, you will not only feel the part, but you will also start to look it, too, because in the realm of medieval royalty, nothing says luxury like precious metals, jewels, and beautiful white fur.

Key Features:

  • An impressive and regal looking medieval crown
  • Plated in either silver or gold metal
  • Decorated with fleur de lis and faux gemstones
  • Features faux white fur around the rim
  • A full-circle crown that can be slightly adjusted
  • Great for renaissance fairs, medieval weddings, balls, formal occasions, and more

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