Killing Fields Skull Bracelet



Welcome to the killing the field. Assembled from the detritus of all-out war, this Killing Field Skull Bracelet is a stark display of death that reaches out and captures the attention with its distinctive gothic and gruesome design. This bracelet is crafted entirely in fine English pewter and designed to resemble a linked chain of skulls. The effect is an impressive one, as few can resist the show of style that comes from wrapping a series of skulls around your wrist. The bracelet is available in two sizes, and each size is somewhat adjustable, as the bracelet’s claw closure can be secured on a number of links on the short chain attached to the bracelet’s end. It is the straightforward design of this Killing Field Bracelet that makes it so appealing, because really, there is not a gothic style on the planet that cannot benefit from having a few extra skulls added in.

Key Features:

  • Crafted from fine English pewter
  • Consists of a chain of linked skulls
  • Bracelet features a claw closure for easy wearing
  • Has great gothic style and charm
  • A perfect personal accent or gift idea


  • Small: Fits a 6-7 Inch Wrist
  • Large: Fits a 7-9 Inch Wrist


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