Junior Become Captain America Hoodie

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Captain America was not born a superhero. He was made, using a super-soldier serum and an iconic suit. No serum is necessary to let your little one become a superhero, though, especially not when this Junior Become Captain America Hoodie is so effective. This hoodie is made from fleece cotton, which makes it a great secondary layer for cool days as well as a fine additional layer for cold weather. The hoodie recreates the look of Captain Americas superhero suit, featuring the iconic red, white, and blue coloration, as well as a winged hood to recreate Caps mask. It may not give them Caps strength, but this Junior Become Captain America Hoodie will certainly let them don his superhero suit whenever they want, allowing them to look like Cap at any given time!

Key Features:

  • A Licensed Marvel product
  • Recreates the details of Captain Americas costume in a hoodie
  • Made from fine cotton fleece fabric
  • Hoodie has a zippered front closure
  • Very casual and comfortable to wear
  • Great for layering or for cool days
  • A fantastic personal garment or gift idea


  • Small: Fits a Juvenile Size 4
  • Medium: Fits a Juvenile Size 5/6
  • Large: Fits a Juvenile Size 7


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