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Jumbo Stormtrooper Pattern Mug

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The elite forces of the Galactic Empire, Stormtroopers serve as the backbone of the tyrannical government. A fun cup for Star Wars fans, the Jumbo Stormtrooper Pattern Mug displays these soldiers in a repeating pattern over its sides. Stormtroopers wear distinctive white armor that gives them an imposing appearance. Wielding weapons like blaster rifles and pistols, the Imperial troopers are lined up in rows in the pattern on the Star Wars mug. This Star Wars coffee mug makes a great way to show your love of the epic space saga while enjoying a generous serving of your favorite drink. The handle allows the large ceramic mug to be easily carried even when holding hot beverages, and its striking design ensures its lasting appeal to fans.

Key Features:

  • Licensed Star Wars merchandise
  • Ceramic mug features handle
  • Displays repeating Stormtrooper pattern
  • Great Star Wars collectible for fans


  • Volume: Holds 20 oz.


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