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Jolly Roger Tavern Sign

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Nothing brings in a pirate crowd quite like an ale house or tavern! This Jolly Roger Tavern Sign greatly resembles an iconic tavern sign that looks very much like it might have been pulled off the street of an actual pirate port city! The sign has a wood-plank finish with a black background edged in red and off-white. Bold white lettering adorns the side and reads, The Jolly Roger, while also proclaiming the words, Beer Ahoy. Underneath is a skull with crossed cutlasses logo. It is crafted entirely in heavy gauge American steel that comes pre-drilled and riveted for easy hanging. If you are planning on starting your own pirate tavern, nothing will bring in the sea-dogs and swashbucklers as well as having this Jolly Roger Tavern Sign hanging over your door!

Key Features:

  • A stylized tavern sign with a skull and cutlass emblem
  • Features a wood plank finish
  • Handcrafted from heavy gauge American steel
  • Image is baked into a powder coat for a durable and long lasting finish
  • Comes pre-drilled and riveted
  • A fantastic home decor piece or gift item


  • Height: 16 Inches
  • Length: 24 Inches
  • Weight: 4 lbs.


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