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While Sherlock Holmes had his iconic pipe and deerstalker, the equally sharp but often understated Dr. Watson carried a humble walking staff. The John Watson Walking Cane replicates this sidekicks side-stick in great detail. This hardwood cane is covered in beautiful black enamel and ends in a rubber tip for the prevention of scuffing the floor and sounding your arrival. At its head is a thick ring made of actual bone covered in ornate carvings, and the very top of the cane itself is decorated with a small, rounded ornament made of polished horn. The John Watson Walking Cane makes a truly resplendent companion for any walk down the street and is a must-have for lovers of the tales of Sherlock Holmes.

Key Features:

  • Replicates the cane carried by John Watson in the Sherlock Holmes books by A. C. Doyle
  • Shaft features lovely black enameling
  • Head is adorned with an ornate bone ring and polished horn knob
  • Cane includes rubber tip at the bottom for traction when walking and the prevention of skids
  • Made by Windlass Steelcrafts
  • Perfect for lovers of Sherlock Holmes


  • Made from hardwood


  • Overall Length: 37 Inches

1 review for John Watson Walking Cane

  1. James Rourk (verified owner)

    It’s Just as the description says. Very solid and well made. Was worth the wait. I recently had to start using a cane occasionally, and this gave me the style to it. I bought it for more functional than for cosplay, but fits both nicely.

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