Jeweled Celtic Dragon Necklace

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At first glance, the Jeweled Celtic Dragon Necklace appears to be nothing more than a long, narrow Celtic knot. Continue to look at it and, gradually, more features can be discerned, ranging from the creatures muzzle to its eyes and its horns. This pendant is subtly triangular in shape and features a Celtic knot that looks like an intriguing succession of loops that gradually grows smaller and more compact as it extends downward. Three green rhinestones act as decoration and accent along the length of the knot. Curiously enough, the knot looks like a dragon from certain angles. It is made from a lead free alloy, which gives the pendant an attractive, silver-gray metallic appearance. The necklace includes a simple silver chain, which makes the pendant comfortable and easy to wear. The Jeweled Celtic Dragon Necklace is a stylish combination of shapes, all woven into a beautiful Celtic knot, which creates the illusion of a dragon, making this the ideal necklace for someone who wants a great fantasy accessory that features both intricate design and bold imagery.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for everyday wear
  • Depicts an intricate Celtic knot design
  • Perfect for fans of the Celtic fashion
  • Fantastic personal accessory or gift idea


  • Made from a lead-free alloy


  • Length: 1.5 Inches
  • Width: 1.13 Inches
  • Chain Length: 12.5 Inches
  • Extension Length: 2.25 Inches


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