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Jaw Bone Visor Helmet

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Visors were a late addition to medieval helmet. They came a time when men at arms had to decide whether they preferred additional protection or better visibility. The visor changed that, now a man-at-arms could raise the visor to see the field, then close it to allow him better protection. Our Jaw Bone Visor Helmet has all of these advantages. Made of high quality steel, it is sure to protect you, as well as give you the needed visibility.

Made by GDFB

Key Features:

  • Includes Chin Straps
  • Retractable Visor
  • Authentic Knight Helmet
  • Great Medieval Helm


  • Fits up to a 63 cm circumference (This is approx. 24.8 Inches)


  • Steel Thickness: 14 Gauge


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