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What these goggles lack in stylized appearance, they more than make up for with a rugged and sturdy design. These Industrial Goggles are the perfect choice for a steampunk citizen who wants a pair of goggles that are simple, comfortable, and effective. And these goggles are, indeed, all three of those. The goggles consist of simple black plastic frames that wrap around blue and gold tinted lenses that will protect and shield your eyes from light, wind, dust, and other irritating air particulates. The goggles also feature heating vents cut into the side, which help to disperse heat on a hot day. Padded foam on the interior of the goggles ensures that they are comfortable to wear, while the black elastic band adjusts the fit. There is no muss and no fuss to these Industrial Goggles. They do a darn good job of protecting your eyes in a steampunk setting, while adding a simple sort of style to virtually any look, whether you are a explorer, a stranded pilot, or a worker in the cities underbelly.

Key Features:

  • Simple But Effective Steampunk Goggles
  • Features Heat Vents Cut Into the Goggles Sides
  • Mirror Lenses Protect the Eyes from Wind, Dirt, and Light
  • Black Elastic Strap Ensures Adjustability and Comfort
  • Looks Great with a Variety of Steampunk Styled Ensembles


  • Made of high-quality plastic with elastic details


  • One Size Fits Most


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