Incredible Hulk Keychain


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Yes, he really did throw that car. No, I do not know why he is green. Hurry, his focus is on that masked man. We should leave right now. It is safest to observe the angry image of this superhero with the Incredible Hulk Keychain. It is clear by the picture captured on this plastic key fob that this giant is anything but jolly. Although Bruce Banner views his powers with dismay, he often uses them to protect the innocent. Whether going solo or joining a super-powered team, the Hulk has earned a heroic reputation. Regardless, the wise Avenger will remember his dreadful temper. When he unleashes his anger, no one is safe from the brunt of his fury.

Key Features:

    • Decorative Marvel superhero themed sticker
    • Designed with a classic image of the Incredible Hulk
    • Features this beloved hero in a fierce rage
    • A perfect gift for Hulk fans everywhere


    • Length: 3 Inches
    • Width: 2 Inches
    • Ring Diameter: 1 Inch


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