Howling Wolf Fairy Statue

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Nature and magic have always been intertwined, but this connection is closest in the light of a full moon. The Howling Wolf Fairy Statue shows one such scene of magic and natures communion. This cold cast resin figurine depicts a fairy girl kneeling in the snow with her arm around a wolf as it howls at the moon. Her body is wrapped in white furs, and a necklace of animal teeth hangs from her neck. Her long, strawberry-blonde hair, adorned with blue feathers, is tucked beneath a wolven headdress, which aids her in mirroring the posture of her canine companion. Although her pale blue butterfly wings may make her seem gentle, like the wolf, she is a fearsome huntress, as evidenced by the dagger strapped to her thigh. The Howling Wolf Fairy Statue makes a fantastic piece of home decor for any lover of fantasy, especially those with an admiration for the might of nature.

Key Features:

  • Displays an intricate level of detail
  • Hand-painted in cool blues and whites
  • Makes a great piece of fantasy home decor


  • Made from cold cast resin


  • Height: 10.75 Inches


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