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In a world where smithed, worked metal was often worth its own weight in gold, other materials were often used to great effect to create other necessary items. The Horn Beer Mug is one such item that features a classic, natural look. This simple mug has the look of being made almost completely from horn, featuring a varied coloration that ranges from yellow to ivory to pale brown. The mug has a slight lean when it stands on its own, and features a simple handle.

This replica horn mug is not lined, therefore we do not recommend drinking from it, unless you were to line it yourself. These mugs are intended as decorative, re-enactment props. Also, due to the nature of this item (being that it is made from a natural material) the size and shape of each horn will vary slightly.

Key Features:

  • A historic looking beer mug
  • Makes for a great medieval gift idea


  • Made of polished buffalo horn


  • Height: Approximately 5 Inches


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