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HMS Surprise Ship in a Bottle


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One of the classic items of nautical decor, the ship in the bottle serves as a curiosity and mystery to those who see it. The HMS Surprise Ship in a Bottle features the French-built corvette, the HMS Surprise. Encased in a glass bottle, this miniature ship is exquisitely designed to the last detail. This naval ship falls into the corvette type, a small, light, highly maneuverable warship. Originally named La Unite, she was captured by the English and renamed the HMS Surprise. Among her most daring exploits, the HMS Surprise recaptured another ship that had been surrendered by a mutinous crew to the Spanish forces at Puerto Cabello. Under heavy cannonade and gunfire from Spanish forces, the captain of the HMS Surprise sailed into harbor, boarded the captured ship, and sailed both the captured ship and the Surprise out of harbor, while suffering minimal injuries and no casualties. The Surprise simultaneously inflicted casualties on the Spanish forces. Perhaps for this daring, the HMS Surprise has been featured in other works of fiction, from novels to movies. The HMS Surprise Ship in a Bottle is a beautiful replica of an old ship that earned its place in history.

Key Features

  • This is NOT a Ship In A Bottle Kit – Comes Fully Assembled
  • Features Handcrafted Wooden Hull and Masts
  • Authentically Styled Real Glass Bottle
  • Includes Solid Wood Base with Ship Nameplate
  • Cork stopper and Melted Wax with an anchor impression seal the bottle
  • Painted glass displays blue sky and waves for an at-sea effect


  • Overall Length: 11 Inches
  • Overall Width: 4 Inches
  • Overall Height: 5 Inches


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