Henry VIII And Elizabeth I Replica Coin Pack

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The two coins are held in clear plastic blisters and are supplied in full color wallet style packaging, complete with images and historical information relating to Henry VIII, Elizabeth I and the Tudor Age. Henry VIII was a man of immensely strong, shrewd and selfish character and was welcomed as a strong leader. Henry VIII declared himself Supreme Head of the Church in England and proceeded with the dissolution of the monasteries. He married six times all in a bid to have a male heir. Another great legacy of Henry VIII was the Royal Armouries that he founded. Elizabeth I was the daughter of Henry VIII. She held Mary, Queen of Scots, in custody for 19 years before having her executed. This gave an excuse for Philip II of Spain to send an armada to England. They were defeated and this transformed England into the leading sea power of the time. The reproduction medal of Henry VIII commemorates Henry VIII as Supreme Head of the Church of England. The reproduction Elizabeth I Crown has a bust of Elizabeth on the obverse and the royal coat of arms on the reverse.

Key Features:

  • Replica Historical Coin
  • Great for Kids, Collectors, Gamers, and History Groups
  • Made From Pewter
  • Cast From Originals


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