Heart-Shaped Mermaid Trinket Box


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Mermaids have captured our imagination for centuries and appear in folklore of many cultures around the world. With this Heart-Shaped Mermaid Trinket Box, you will be able to store treasures from the deep or from your true love. Beautiful maidens with fish tails, mermaids are alternately described as benevolent or fearsome, either aiding sailors or luring them to their deaths. This heart-shaped jewelry box is crafted from cold cast bronze. The intricate design is hand-painted to show every detail. The mermaid on the lid has flowing blonde hair adorned with strings of pearls and green seaweed. Her orange tail curves to echo the shape of the box. The sides of the bronze notions box are decorated with seaweed and shells. This bronze mermaid curio box will look great on a desk or shelf, and bring a touch of ocean fantasy into your home.

Key Features:

  • Hand-painted to bring out every detail
  • Displays a heart-shaped trinket box
  • Lid depicts a mermaid with flowing hair
  • Collectible and attractive piece of home decor
  • Excellent gift for fans of mermaids and oceans


  • Made from Cold Cast Bronze


  • Length: 6.25 Inches


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