Havisham Lady’s Steampunk Topper

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A touch of finery is something all ladies deserve, and this Havisham Ladys Steampunk Topper is the ideal accent. After all, the Havisham is all lace and leather, possessed of such style that it will always be the belle of the ball. This lovely hat is an intricate array of complex pieces, all masterfully crafted to feature the best of its diverse materials. Black leather wraps the crown and trims the brim, while part of the crown is laced up like a corset to reveal a rich and luxurious fabric that lies just beneath. The brim and the crown are decorated with matching fabric, which ranges from lovely lace to stunning velvet. A decorative band of matching material wraps around the crowns base as a hat band and is secured by a unique steampunk trinket at the center. Please note that the trinket can vary from what is featured in the pictures above. The hat is available in three different colors. The black Havisham comes with white lace accents, and the brown Havisham comes with either white lace accents or burgundy velvet accents. The hat is made from fine American leather, as well as other high quality materials. If, perhaps, the lovely lady is looking for a riding hat that shows off her style, then look no further, for this Havisham Ladys Steampunk Topper is one accessory that will show the world how rich your steampunk style is.

Key Features:

  • Handcrafted From Fine American Leather
  • Features a Laced Crown Design with Fabric Underlay and Accents
  • A Vivid and Bold Hat With Rich Fabric and Steampunk Adornments
  • A Solid Choice for Steampunk or Victorian Looks
  • Great for Elegant Ladies to Wear for Costume Designs or Balls


  • Medium: Fits a Size 7 to 7 1/8 (22 to 22.4 Inch Circumference)
  • Large: Fits a Size 7 1/4 to 7 3/8 (22.75 to 23.25 Inch Circumference)
  • X-Large: Fits a Size 7 1/2 to 7 5/8 (23.5 to 24 Inch Circumference)
  • XX-Large: Fits a Size 7 3/4 to 7 7/8 (24.25 to 24.75 Inch Circumference)


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