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Haunted Hearse – Halloween Village by Department 56

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The high stepping horse is proud to pull its elegant Victorian-styled hearse all the way to cemetery. The lanterns on the Haunted Hearse allow it to make the journey at night. Only the rich could afford this last hired ride. The white horse rears back, startled by some unseen threat. A claw-like hand serves as the seat of this somber wagon, which features a sign on the side reading, Into Our Hands Mortuary. Also, if you look very closely, it appears the poor departed soul being transported may have another idea. This hand-painted piece displays terrifically terrifying details, making it a necessary addition to any Halloween town display.

Introduction Date: January 2014

Collection: Halloween Village

Key Features:

  • Made with polyresin, paper, metal, plastic, and rope
  • Hand-painted with bright colors and detail
  • Displays horse pulling hearse
  • A fantastic collectible for spooky villages


  • Height: 2.95 Inches
  • Width: 5.31 Inches
  • Length: 8.66 Inches


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