Halloween Slapsticker Beer Bottle Labels

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This Halloween season, do not concern yourself with average and mundane refreshments. Instead, make sure you drink only the spookiest of beverages by converting all of your bottles into themed drinks with the Halloween Slapsticker Beer Bottle Labels. Each pack of labels is sold as a set, which ensures that you get each clever label. You will get a label for monster brau, which features a devilish little gremlin. You will get a label for dead stripe, an imported dead mans lager. You will get a label for St. Zombie girl, in case you happen to be thirsty for brains. And lastly, you will get a label for Samuel Deadmans rotten lager. Each label comes as a sticker so it can easily be applied to any bottle of appropriate size. Do not keep mundane bottles around your house during the Halloween season. Get a pack of these Halloween Slapsticker Beer Bottle Labels and convert your whole stock into crazy and impressive Halloween drinks that are fun and tasty to drink!

Key Features:

  • Horror Inspired Bottle Labels
  • Each Pack Includes All 4 Designs
  • Features 4 Unique and Clever Drink Titles
  • Label Stickers are Easy to Apply
  • Fits a Standard Sized Beer Bottle
  • Adds a Frightful Touch to Any Bottle
  • Great for Halloween Events and Costume Parties


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