Grey Miniature Two-Ball Flail


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The only thing more terrifying than an armored soldier rushing at you with a ball and chain is a soldier rushing at you with two balls and chains. Luckily, the Grey Miniature Two-Ball Flail is a lot less dangerous than its real-life counterpart, so you can desensitize yourself to battlefield horror in the comfort of your own home office. This tiny metal reproduction depicts a down-to-earth shaft with two chains of different lengths attached to its tip. On the other end of either chain is a spiked metal ball. The Grey Miniature Two-Ball Flail is small enough to allow you to play with its mechanics without hurting yourself but big enough to look respectable on a desk or shelf, and it makes a great gift for the medieval scholar in your life.

Key Features:

  • Depicts a medieval one-handed flail with two balls on chains
  • Beautifully crafted in realistic detail
  • Makes great medieval desk decor


  • Made from metal


  • Length: 4.72 Inches


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